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AMBI e-Bike Conversion Kit

Convert Your Own Bike to an e-Bike and Save!

E-Bike conversion kit easily and inexpensively converts an existing bike into a lithium battery-powered electric bike that allows the rider to get from one place to another with significant less effort — especially when riding uphill or toting heavy items like groceries or a picnic lunch.

Priced right a converted e-bike can be a low cost transportation vehicle; no more paying for car insurance, parking or a yearly bus pass. Plus no more traffic jams. Or as a second vehicle it allows leaving a car in the garage for many “‘around the town” trips that don’t require a 3,000 lb. gas guzzling machine.

For those who would like to get back into cycling and the outdoors but due to age or previous injuries haven’t succeeded, the converted e-bike allows them to get back on two wheels. The rider controls how much they pedal and when to allow the electric motor to kick in.

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Ambi Exercise

Capitola, CA USA


Capitola, CA USA
Located off Scenic Highway 1 on the Beautiful Monterey Bay. Approximately 90 minutes South of San Francisco & 50 minutes southwest of San Jose