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AMBI Cruising e-Bike

Alternative Biking: Pedal for Exercise or Cruise Using Power!

Electric bicycles open up outdoor activities and exercise to recreational users, the elderly and commuters. Pedal when you want the exercise but when you get tired push a lever on the bike that allows the electric motor to kick in, giving you that effortless ride.

The injured, disabled, or elderly that no longer feel comfortable on traditional bikes can take up bicycling again to enjoy the recreational and clean transportation benefits of eBikes.
• Ride with family, friends and grandkids; keep up with younger riders
• Enjoy being outside and exercising instead of inside or behind the wheel of a car
• Do short errands or commutes; no more traffic jams

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Ambi Exercise

Capitola, CA USA


Capitola, CA USA
Located off Scenic Highway 1 on the Beautiful Monterey Bay. Approximately 90 minutes South of San Francisco & 50 minutes southwest of San Jose