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AMBI e-Skateboard

Travel freely while experiencing surfing or snowboarding

The M3 e-Skateboard with 2.4G wireless controller allows accelerating, decelerating, or braking in effortless style by simply sliding a button. The rider only needs to focus on maneuvering their body weight in order to steer. In essence the M3 gives you the feel of snowboarding down a mountain or surfing on a wave.

The motor is encased inside the wheel (instead of an external motor and belt drive) keeping it protected and offering a good, high-powered experience. Electrical components are well made and stand up to wipeouts.

The motor setup can be mounted on any number of decks, including decks not originally intended to serve as skateboards giving a great deal of flexibility in customizing your ride.

The durable handmade maple deck and anti-skid grip tape provides a safe, sturdy, and comfortable platform to stand on.

The large custom all terrain rubber tires offer strong gripping, instant braking and anti-skid ability at high speed to ensure safe and stable riding in various off-road conditions including rough and grass terrain.

The Android and iOS smart phone APP with Bluetooth connection lets you see the unit condition before each trip. Checking important information such as current power level, temperature, speed, and record of achieved range after a journey is conveniently accessible.

Trucks and bushings have a dampening effect on vibration and elastic shock absorbers are positioned above the wheels to provide cushioning to bumps enabling smooth riding experiences even at high speeds.

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Ambi Exercise

Capitola, CA USA


Capitola, CA USA
Located off Scenic Highway 1 on the Beautiful Monterey Bay. Approximately 90 minutes South of San Francisco & 50 minutes southwest of San Jose