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AMBI Mat-Bag

Exercise Mat • Carry Bag • together for personal comfort

The Mat-bag is uniquely designed as a combination exercise Mat plus carry bag to give personal comfort and organization.

As a Mat, it cushions your knees, elbows and back while you do floor workouts and stretches.

As a Bag, it folds into a convenient tote with an easy-to-carry shoulder strap. The unique design offers several different sized pockets, making organization and carrying of exercise wear, shoes, towels and toiletries easy. It replaces the need for an additional workout bag.

During exercise, the Mat’s high density foam provides comfort, while the bottom of the Mat with its rubber mesh material (1) Grips the floor, creating a safe, non-skid surface. The small pocket (4) holds, jewelry, keys and / or money while the larger pocket (3) is ideal for keeping the workout towel off the floor.

While the Bag is being carried, the same rubber mesh material acts as a ventilation pocket for soiled clothing. The larger inner pocket (3) can be used to store items such as a kickboard or leg/ hands weight, leaving the outside pocket (2) for shoes, clothing, etc.

All the materials used are of the highest quality. The 1/2 inch thick, high density foam is covered with fashionable jewel green or black nylon, accented with peach or pink color mesh.

45″ x 20″ accommodates most exercise routines

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Capitola, CA USA
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